Gold: crisis-proof

Therefore, we recommend that you always ensure a balanced distribution. Gold has the resale advantage, while Osmium shines with added opportunity and security. The gold market has recently been characterized by unpredictable shenanigans. Expiration of gold contracts on the commodity futures exchange, on the one hand, and strikes at the gold mines, on the other, led to the turmoil. For investors, the otherwise rather laid-back precious metal has had a wild ride.

Osmium, on the other hand, is not traded on commodity futures exchanges. There is no speculative day trading and therefore low volatility price history. What might seem boring to some, investors see this as a lucrative opportunity. Because it is rare to find investments that combine security, predictability and opportunity in such a balanced way.

Where there are opportunities, there are also risks. Selling Osmium is harder than selling gold, for example. About 1,000 Osmium dealers in 30 countries are expected to resolve the issue. In the summer of 2021, the Osmium Institute also launched a digital marketplace for buying and selling. This makes selling Osmium much easier.

Where are we today?

Osmium is 1,500 times rarer than gold, but only 30 times more expensive. Precious metals dealers and goldsmiths therefore took advantage of the situation and filled their warehouses.

In any case, the physical delivery of precious metals to the customer is a strong selling point. After all, physical possession is an advantage, especially in times of crisis.

The future will show whether the strategy works. Past performance has been promising, but it’s never a guarantee for the future.